This Site is Written by a Person

Let’s get this out of the way first: this site is not automatically generated, scraped from other websites, algorithmically correct, nor written by an AI. This site is written, episodes recorded, and site maintained by me, the guy on the left margin of this page. While this is a one-man operation for now, I do not plan for it to stay that way. Deep Astronomy is growing, we are creating new projects and content all the time and all of it by human beings who are thinking about what gets published. OK, back to our regularly scheduled About Page:

What’s All This Then?

As of this writing, things are just getting started so please Contact Us with any questions or ideas for episodes. We are excited to be producing this new podcast and can’t wait to hear what people think!

Hey, You Can Use This Content!

This content is available for use in your productions for free! If you’d like to incorporate these episodes in your podcast, website, videos, or streaming productions, feel free, just let us know you’re using it and how.

We’re doing this because we love producing content but don’t necessarily have the time to create constant social media posts (plus we hate doing it), so if you want to have some stuff to put in your productions, that’s ok by us.

Especially Radio Stations

If you are radio station producer or program manager, we can offer you episodes in the proper quality and file formats. Just reach out!