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Hello and welcome to Exoplanet Radio, the podcast that takes you on a journey to the most fascinating worlds beyond our solar system. Every day, we bring you the latest news, discoveries, and stories about exoplanets, the planets that orbit other stars.

There are thousands of these planets known to us, and many more waiting to be found. They come in all shapes and sizes, from giant gas balls to rocky Earth-like worlds. Some of them are scorching hot, some are freezing cold, and some are just right for liquid water and maybe even life. We explore their diversity, their mysteries, and their potential for life.

We also look at the science behind searching for these distant worlds, using powerful telescopes and clever techniques. We will explore how we find these planets, how we study their atmospheres, climates, and geology, and we try to answer the big questions: How did these planets form? How do they evolve? And are we alone in the universe?

Whether you are an astronomy enthusiast, a science fiction fan, or just curious about the universe, this podcast is for you. No prior knowledge needed! All episodes are presented in an easy to understand way. Join us as we discover new horizons, new possibilities, and new wonders in the sky. This is Exoplanet Radio, your daily dose of cosmic inspiration.